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Besides achieving the aim of any good education to discover and develop to the full, the finest qualities in a human being, the institution tries its best to inculcate in every student the true spirit of social awareness. To serve man is to serve God. Every student therefore must cultivate respect for and interest in the welfare of the other. This is the true way of formation of character, discipline and individual personality according to the need of the time. The institution therefore will provide opportunities for the physical and spiritual growth of the child. Value Education is obligatory for all students, since the formation of a sound moral character is in the truest sense the worthy objecitve of education. Value education is an integral part of the time-table. Catechism and Scripture classes are obligatory for all Catholic students. It is the duty of everyone to cultivate the best values of life which will enable him/her to live a worthwhile life.

The Gandhian vision of education which is a beautiful blend-ing of Art, Craft and Education is proposed for the new system of education. The school integrates work and community services with studies.

A student today is no longer a passive recipient of knowledge but is actively involved in the learning process. Personalized education is therefore introduced in all the classes, where freedom is of prime importance for achieving personal relationship. To develop the right atmosphere, a student is taught to relate with others in a climate of freedom.
One of the most enlightened documents of human liberation is our Constitution which guarantees every citizen social justice, equality, brotherhood and freedom. The Constitution foresees a social change, a change in our way of thinking, feeling, working and loving, so that we can move from the layered society of today’s India to a more just and true integrated nation of tomorrow.

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